Sneek peek Iphone shot behind the scenes of my Alice and Wonderland PHOTOSHOOT

Sneek peek I phone behind the scenes phot of my Alice and Wonderland PHOTOSHOOT

Hair-By me
Makeup- me
Models- Amanda&Jordan


Gorgeous day for makeup and an Iphone photoshoot!!!

I was bored two days ago so i decided to get creative with my friend that was over spending the day with me so we decided to have our own little photo shoot i styled her outfit, accessories, did her hair, makeup and took the photos my self now i don’t have a fancy camera sooooo we used my iphone but the pics actually turned out fabulous! And it made me think of so many ways to expand my business the more I can do for my clients is more business and more money for me so now I’m going to invest into a nice camera and take a dab in photography what could it hurt…..? Only time can tell i will be posting many more blogs with my progress and updated photos and work!! here’s a sneak peek below of the fun at home shoot 🙂 ImageImageImage

Little black and white bags make me happy!!!!


Went on a small shopping trip today! I realized i don’t need to wait till i have a ton of money to buy what i need for my kit. I can do it gradually and affordable. so i made a few needed purchases today and boy did make up retail therapy make me happy!!! The only hard part was limiting my self to just a few items I’m going to have shopping Sundays and buy at least one new useful item for my kit each week doesn’t mean I’m limited to one i may buy more but you got to start somewhere! below the items in those beautiful black and white bags like i said small amount but makes me happy and my kit will start growing and growing each week!  


Mac- face and body foundation $32

Mac- Angel lipstick $15 (my new obsession) will dedicate a whole blog to how gorgeous and amazing it is!

Sephora beauty Blender- $19.95 never used but heard amazing things cant wait to try it out!

free gift benefit highlighter and mascara/ sample shampoo and conditioner for signing up for Sephora insider points!!!


Until next time!!! xoxoxo


I have found my favorite type of make up to do is Editorial I love how creative and expressive you can be! Its not about being pretty its just about what you think works and basically anything goes it gives you a power to just be free and make art on the face! while in the glam academy we had one Editorial day and i had like 20 different ideas going on in my head before i settled on just one this picture below where i hand drew her mask used mac pigment reflects gold all in side the mask and lined it with a nyx glitter gold liquid liner! with the help of my teacher Alexa Prisco she taught me how to double set lashes by layering one on top of the other it ended up looking so amazing especially in person just cause the lighting doesnt show the gold as well as i would like it to in this pic! then I airbrushed her skin with mac face and body and used a pale pink lip! Image

After doing this Editorial lab it really got my mind flowing with tons of ideas for future project which leads me to my next idea i wanna do a full Alice and wonderland theme photo shoot as my final project i have been dabbling with ideas and so back and forth on what exactly i wanted to do between burlesque and barbie themes to now being 100% set on Alice and wonderland I’m going to post a pic below of the look i am going for and then when the shoot is done and edited i will post my final pics to compare!!!


This is the main look I’m going for plus an Alice and possibly a queen of hearts!

Tanning lipstick and mean people

First want to start off by saying mean people suck but you know what I have always heard its better to be talked about then not be known at all so any one with there negative comments or irrelevant advice bring it! No one is gonna bring me down! With that being said its been a stress full week for me I’ve been working my side job every night spending time with my daughter and working on building my business every day and looking for a place to move so we can get out of this place ( my apartment that’s a whole different story) but on a makeup note I don’t know about any of you ladies or gents but for awhile I had the hugest fear of wearing lipstick well to solve this dilemma since I’m now an official makeup artist and putting a lip color on just about everyone I realized that I need to get with this trend and you know what I have realized lipstick is hot it makes you look more mature and sexy and just adds a little more fun to whatever your doing that day!!! I have been wearing almost a different shade everyday just to get the feel for it and I love it so don’t be scared go for it and with summer coming its another way to brighten up your look!! On another note I’m going to be adding more to my services just ordered a whole new air brush tanning kit and now organic, dha, and dha free tanning for health reasons so stay tuned for more info on that! Its EXCITING!!! Now back my beautiful day with my beautiful girl doing a photo shoot and wedding this weekend so will be back with pics and I’m sure stories about that!!! 

Time to Catch up!!!

So its been a little bit since i have blogged Been super busy finishing up my certification with Alexa Prisco the Glam Fairy!!! Classes are over 😦 as bitter sweet as it is i know i have learned a lot and i am gonna go so far from this experience and i cant thank Alexa enough! The last few weeks have been incredible just a quick look back i will tell you all about my last weekend with the girls!!! First we did an editorial lab which i think was my favorite lab yet it was so creative and so fun I really enjoyed it and i think i did really well!!! The next day Alexa surprised us with the best day yet!!!! We had a Mercedes Sprinter Limo and sparkling cider and took a trip into the city where we got to go shopping at all the top makeup stores and meet the one and only JOEY at MAC and were lucky enough to see a demo by him! Then we went to the most amazing lunch treated by Alexa seriously she is the sweetest person ever! From there we had the one and only downfall at a store called MAKEUP FOREVER where long story short the made us feel unwanted and we decided to put all our items down rudest customer service i have ever had! Needless to say i dont know if I will be shopping there ever again! but we all left on a high note after a nice trip to Benefit we headed back to Hoboken to get well rested and prepare for our last day of the Glam Academy! Which was the saddest day I became so close with all these amazing women i seriously consider them all like family now! No words can ever describe how great full i am to Alexa Prisco and Brenna Vivian because if it wasn’t for her i wouldn’t have even had this experience, Our last day we did an amazing pin up photo shoot wich i feel was my best work yet! my model looked AMAZING all our models looked amazing we all grew as people and makeup artists! Alexa brought out a confidence in myself that i never knew i had and I can only hope she knows how great full I am i cant say it enough even though i have said it a million times but I now know i am truly ready to go out into the world and show everyone what i can do!!!!

3 more days!!!

3 more days till I go back to the Glam academy!!! yay I  cant wait i am that much closer to being officially certified!!! EEEk! but its a little bittersweet beacause i am also that much closer to it being over and i am gonna miss everyone like crazy it makes me tear up just thinking about it my passion for makeup from when i have started to now has grown sooo much more but not just that i have grown as person so much i feel like i finally know who i am now and exactly where i wanna go in life I am starting to feel like a real adult i actually have a head on my shoulders and honestly don’t think any one can bring me down now I am feeling so accomplished in everything i have been doing and i seriously cant wait to see where my life takes me now!!! haha this blog should have been titled me me me because it sure was a hell of a lot about me lol!!! till next time xoxo


Well I just finished my basic course of Alexa Prisco’s Glam academy words cant even express how great full i am to have this opportunity to be working with her In the past 5 classes i have learned and grown so much as an artist. If i have gotten this far i can only imagine where her senior class is going to take me! On to another accomplishment i am now 90% done with my website made all my services and prices and so excited to book my first job!!! I made my first set of business cards and even a Facebook page i am so excited for this next chapter in my life and to see where my career takes me! Its gonna break my heart to have to leave the amazing girls that i have been attending my classes with luckily i have 3 more weekends with them and after that its real life and we are all on our own and its a scary feeling but i feel i am truly ready now to take my life and my skills to the next level and cant wait to see where this ride takes me!!! I’m ready to take over  the make up world and dominate the DC area look out for me!!!

The naked face… to enhance your beauty the natural way

Years ago when I wasn’t allowed to wear Make up and everyone else was I had to come up with a way to get away with it with out my parents noticing so all my friends would give me there left overs and I would hide them in my room in all different places and when I was up in my room alone I would play with all of this stuff and figure out how can I get away with wearing this that my parents won’t know and that’s when I became the master of the naked face I could use just the right amount of concealer to cover the smallest blemish find the shade closest to my skin color and just lightly brush some foundation with just a small bit of finishing powder now like I said you are going for the barly any there look so all you need is a few clean sweeps and brushes of foundation and powder because that’s the part you can start to look a bit unlike your self if you get to carried away don’t get me wrong now a days you will never see me with out some full covage and bronzed but I had to make do back then. But then here’s the part that gets tricky the eyes when you are going for the natural look never use black eyeliner no one naturally has black under eyes unless there bags and ats a whole different topic.  I would use a pale brown liner ever so lightly on my under eye and very thin line on the top part of my eye just to enhance. Then just for a little more pop the lightest white you can find right on your brow bone and in the inner corners of your eyes. As for mascara I have naturally long black lashes so I could get away with a light sweep of black mascara but for others this may be tricky but most of you are not trying to hide your make up from your parents just looking for a way to enhance your natural beauty so have at it with the black mascara but if your going for an even more suttle natural look brown mascara works just as well I use it all the time for cousin who is a red head and it totally enhances her eyes and looks so amazing! so on that note as I grew older and speaking of that cousin as a very fair red head these tricks and techniques applied to her very much so I would do her make up for every occasion and teach her how to apply her make up in the most natural flattering way!!! Hope this helps some little girl out there just trying to be like the other kids or any one just trying to go for a natural suttle look but still wants to look glamorous.


Hi I’m Moya I am 23 years old a mother and a wife and an aspiring make up artist, actually scratch that not aspiring just refining my craft. Make up is My Passion. I attended the Paul Mitchell school of cosmetology and i always knew the cosmetology industry was the business i wanted to be in. Its a well known fact that women will save pennies to just get there hair done. the beauty business is a business that will never die regardless of recession it has never gone down. Through out my time at Paul Mitchell my Love for make up only grew don’t get me wrong doing hair is great but Make up is the full package. Women at least my self will go out with hair in a messy bun not even touched since they woke up but i know at least 5 women plus my self who never leave the house with out mascara on and that’s on a rough day. My make up will always be done to leave my house its the highlights of my face. Make up tells my mood it  expresses how i am feeling that day. If I’m feeling blah usually its just some foundation powder and mascara. If I’m feeling romantic a rose blush shimmery eyes and a pale pink lip. If I’m feeling funky or wanna pop i might throw on a red lip. long story short you never know what your gonna get with make up you can change your look everyday be a new person 7 days a week what ever your feeling that day you can express it with just a few highlights to the face 🙂

 Now to begin telling you a little about my journey to refine my craft and become the best make up artist and business woman i can be, I as recent as last weekend had my first two classes with the world wide known Alexa Prisco in her Glam Academy! And it was two of the best days of my life! Walking into the factory you are overwhelmed by its cuteness and beauty from its silk curtains to the pink walls the candy jars on the shelf the gorgeous stations to the Life size photo of Alexa next to her desk! It is so Surreal that Alexa herself is teaching me and 5 other amazing girls and aspiring artists. You would think with her fame she would have some one else teaching us and just pop in every once in awhile but no its all her 100% of the time. I have already learned so much it was a bit confusing and like i said overwhelming at first not just the beauty of the factory or learning from Alexa her self but the amount of knowledge that we are taught. I didn’t understand a thing at first but she really has a way of explaining and demonstrating in ways that make sense and i really cant wait for the next few weekends to really learn so much more and like i said become the best make up artist i can be. I’m working my way to the top and hopefully one day i will be lucky to have half the success that Alexa has or any of my long time Makeup idols……… continue reading and checking up on my journey more blog posts to come XOXOImage